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Ship floating out at sea

Monitoring and analysing patterns of vessel behaviour to enhance the future safety of our waters

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Every day, we get feedback from our clients about the services they need, and we learn more about the oceans and the behaviour patterns of the vessels that use them. This new knowledge integrally influences UltraMAP's future services. Monitoring vessel activity purely to understand how our oceans are being used, is the future of subsea and surface asset protection.

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Read about how some of our customers have used some of our tailored services.

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A 24/7 service


A 24/7 service

Many of our clients ask us to carry out monitoring on their behalf.

They still get full access to AssetMonitor via private login details whenever they wish, but, in the day-to-day, they take advantage of our 24/7 team to watch AssetMonitor, receive alerts and take preventative action.

Our team records the actions they take and then they create a monthly report showing their activity and subsequent responses from the vessels with which they interact. 

We're happy to work with you in whatever way's best and easiest for your company. 

Analysis Reports

Vessel Behaviour

Analysis Reports

Many companies who are not direct clients, employ the use of AssetMonitor to track vessel hot-spots and trends; these can be clearly identified in the AIS data we gather.

This data highlights busy shipping routes, heavily populated fishing areas and common vessel behaviour; the subsequent patterns in the data are invaluable. 

Over a period of time, the information can be analysed to pre-emptively predict future problems based on volume of ocean traffic or of subsea activity such as trawling.

The team at UltraMAP will produce statistical and geographical reports as required and will also provide temporary access to AssetMonitor as part of any study.

Combining monitoring and analysis

Bespoke Service

Combining monitoring and analysis

Our clients can be very specific in their requirements and often that means bringing together our technologies in some unique ways. For example:

  • Rather than monitoring assets, some of our clients have asked to use AssetMonitor live, in order to view the movements of a specific group of vessels. The filtering tools in AssetMonitor allow us to collect everything, but only show the data of interest.
  • We can make AssetMonitor interact with other marine hardware. Our work with Virtual Beacons, for example, means that our client's subsea assets become visible within on-board vessel displays. We can then send messages directly from AssetMonitor to the vessel's on-board AIS kit.

Case Studies

What our customers say

BBL Company

"Protecting the BBL gas pipeline since 2013"

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"It works! Preventing potential cable faults ... is an integral part of overall preventive maintenance to keep operating costs down."

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Global Cloud Xchange

"The fully monitored AssetMonitor system makes vessels aware of the presence of our cables in the Persian Gulf proactively reducing risk of damage"

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AssetMonitor watches and protects your subsea and surface assets live, 24 hours a day ...

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AIS Data

Using Automatic Identification Systems to track and store every vessel's, every move

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