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AIS Data

Ship floating out at sea

Using Automatic Identification Systems to track and store every vessel's, every move

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International Maritime Law dictates that all vessels over a particular size have to carry and use an Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder. AIS broadcasts information about the vessel, such as name, Maritime Mobile Service Identity, speed and course. This information is picked up by receivers on board other vessels, on shore and in satellites. AssetMonitor picks up all of this information, analyses it, records it and stores it.

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Connect to any AIS source


Connect to any AIS source

Across the world, AIS broadcasts live, immediately accessible information relating to the vessels in our oceans.

The majority of AIS receivers used by AssetMonitor are part of UltraMAP’s existing worldwide supply network, so are simple to set up and connect to whether they be shore-based, on ocean platforms or on board satellites. If no AIS cover exists in your geographical region, we'll work with you to install new AIS receivers.

AssetMonitor picks up all of this information 24/7 and analyses it for threats, then records it and stores it to be used by our clients.  

Live use of AIS data


Live use of AIS data

AssetMonitor uses AIS data in real time mode, 24/7.

We listen for AIS data from every vessel in a specific geographic area, and then use that to form a detailed and accurate, ever-changing picture of vessel movement.

As soon as a vessel enters a protection zone, its movements are analysed based on type of vessel compared to type of asset we're protecting. If a genuine threat is detected our relevant clients are immediately informed.

All of the AIS data that AssetMonitor collects is stored for use in playback facilities within AssetMonitor itself; this information can then be used as evidence if required or as research in predicting future vessel behaviour. 

Historical use

Geographical database

Historical use

AssetMonitor collects and stores millions of AIS data records every day.

If an event occurs, our clients can use this data to go back in time and create a picture of what was happening in that exact moment. It informs us of patterns of behaviour, vulnerable areas of sea and types of vessel that may not naturally adhere to our zone rules. If necessary this data collection can be used as evidence.

The AIS data we collect is not only available to our clients, but to anyone interested in investigating historical vessel movements or in mapping the data to look for vessel movement trends. This can all help to make future route planning much safer.

UltraMAP can work with you to access and create the data extract you need.

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"Protecting cables in the Straits of Sicily since 2014"

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