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The most complete AIS-based Marine asset protection service in the world


AssetMonitor watches and protects your subsea and surface assets live, 24 hours a day ...

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AIS Data

Using Automatic Identification Systems to track and store every vessel's, every move

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Monitoring and analysing patterns of vessel behaviour to enhance the future safety of our waters

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Marine Asset Protection

Every second of every day, our clients entrust billions of pounds worth of assets to AssetMonitor from UltraMAP - so providing a service that’s solidly reliable and pre-emptive to the point of being future-proof, was always a given.

But what we also provide is a level of transparent, personalised customer service that ensures our clients remain confident in our abilities at every stage of the relationship.

This is why; when a client joins us… they stay. Always. 

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Marine Asset Protection

Our Data Service

Protecting our future

The AIS data collected and stored by AssetMonitor, is used in three vitally important ways.

Firstly, it does the very immediate job of protecting our clients’ assets in real time situations.

Secondly, it allows our clients to playback and analyse vessel movement around their assets - this enables them, and us, to see patterns of behaviour emerging, negative and positive, which can then influence future decisions.

And thirdly, by making our stored information available to others, the industry as a whole can research and better understand marine traffic density in specific parts of the world, at specific times of year. This has significant impact on how marine asset protection develops year on year. And we’re at the hub of it.

Protecting our future

Our tailored services

Your project requirements

The extent of what AssetMonitor can do, and the versatility with which it can achieve it, is well documented.

Every client who comes to us has a unique set of requirements so they’re given a unique assessment. The package of protection offered depends on whether assets are subsea or surface, in deep water or shallow, in high or low vessel activity areas and what sort of activity those vessels are likely to be engaged in.

Providing the correct amount of protecting is vital – too little and millions of pounds worth of damage can be done; too much and you’re wasting your money. It’s important to respect the fact that nature can protect your assets too… in deep water or beneath the sea bed for example. AssetMonitor is a compliment to nature’s own protection in this sense.

Your project requirements

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