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Protecting the worlds energy, communication and environmental assets


Keeping the world moving

Energy, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy and Telecommunications are vital parts of our everyday lives.

For most of the world’s population, these sectors simply ‘work’; quietly going about their business of supplying the planet with energy, communication and sustainable assets. But there’s so much activity beneath the surface!

To acquire, transport and deliver such vital assets is a vast and complex process. AssetMonitor is an integral part of that.

Keeping the world moving


Protecting your surface and subsea assets

In the process of transporting valuable subsea and surface assets across the planet, from source to consumer, they’ll naturally come into contact with activity which could cause damage.

The ocean is a busy place; AssetMonitor aids mutual existence between vessels and sector assets. Shipping activity can damage surface rigs and turbines, and vessel activity such as trawling can damage subsea pipes and cables. To counteract this, AssetMonitor watches client assets 24/7, by assigning exact specification protection zones.     

On a daily basis, we protect billions of pounds worth of assets for more than 30 global organisations. 

Protecting your surface and subsea assets

Bespoke defence

Exactly the right solution for you

AssetMonitor works to the exact needs of the exact sector. 

Regardless of whether you require protection for subsea or surface assets, we firstly assess the risk factors and then suggest solutions accordingly. 

  • The protection zones are defined on type, size and position of asset, and on knowledge of vessel activity in your area. 
  • Monitoring 24/7 observation records all activity, whether threatening or not, but pays specific attention to vessels that disregard your protection zones. 
  • Alerting two tiered defence can raise an early warning and then a close proximity alert. Alerts can be sent from UltraMAP to the client or we can handle the alert for you.
  • Reporting: we can create reports as evidence, or to aid research into patterns of vessel behaviour around your assets.    


Exactly the right solution for you

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