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Working with people

A few words from one of our customers.

Working with people

UltraMAP met up with an existing customer, Bob Schwabe of New York Power Authority ('NYPA') last month at the International Cable Protection Committee in Hamburg.

'NYPA' is a national leader in promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable-fuel and clean-energy technologies and they have been a customer of UltraMAP for just over 12 months, since April 2015.

During the event in Hamburg, Bob had some nice things to say about UltraMAP's Martin and Des so we wanted to share them.

What Bob said about Martin...

"Martin was extremely helpful responding to the RFQ and setting up the contract. Very delightful to work with and I believe with now have an excellent system in operation that is first class."

What Bob said about Des...

"Des provided a high level of technical expertise to apply the UltraMap AssetMonitor system for use on the NYPA system. He is also a very delightful person to work with and always look forward to his support.

Both Martin and Des are two of the finest gentlemen that I have ever worked with, both personally and business. 

My only setback was visiting Newcastle and finding out Newcastle beer was not brewed there but in Holland!"

Thank you Bob!

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