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Why subsea cable protection is important to Google

In this blog we will be taking a look at how Google's 9,000km undersea cable was laid as well as why it's important to protect undersea cables.

Why subsea cable protection is important to Google

As each year goes by there are an increasing number of internet cables being laid by some of the worlds 'internet giants.'

With giants like Google and Facebook growing larger every single day they are starting to lay more of their own subsea internet cables to help them carry private user data across networks.

In June 2016 Google backed its own 9,000km undersea cable called FASTER, connecting Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle to two main ports in Japan. Google currently owns six subsea cables around the world.

What it takes to lay Google's super-fast submarine Internet cable

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The video itself is very informative and is just an example of how the big internet operators like Google, Amazon and Facebook etc are driving the subsea cable market.

But why should cable protection be important to internet operators? 

Without protecting your subsea cables, you are potentially putting your cables at an increased risk of vessel or anchor damage. 

AssetMonitor is a piece of technology that helps to reduce this risk by monitoring subsea and surface assets live, 24/7. Having the ability to monitor your subsea cables gives you the opportunity to prevent potentially expensive accidents before they happen... 

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