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Why should you protect your subsea cables?

The protection of subsea cable is vital to ensure everyday life runs smoothly

Why should you protect your subsea cables?

Subsea cables are a huge part of our everyday lives, allowing the world to send telephone and internet data across oceans. Not providing protection for your subsea cables simply isn’t an option.

Here at UltraMAP we are proud to provide a service that monitors subsea cables live, 24/7. The ocean is a crowded place so knowing what activity goes on under the sea is almost impossible unless you have the right technology.

With AssetMonitor, UltraMAP are able to monitor the protection zones around underwater cables, only sending an alert if a piece of activity is a threat. This means our clients always receive pre-filtered, focussed and relevant information.

The cost of repairing damaged cables is high and the process long, so why leave them open and vulnerable? Protecting your subsea cables can help you prevent costly accidents, leaving you better off in the long run.

Here at UltraMAP we’re happy to work with you whichever way is best and easiest for your company. For more information call UltraMAP today.

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