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When 'Out Of Office' Means 'Out Of Country', Too.

UltraMAP and SeaGard Directors lead a diverse life...

When 'Out Of Office' Means 'Out Of Country', Too.

Sometimes, staying put at the UK Headquarters in either Newcastle or Edinburgh is required.

In other weeks, our increasing portfolio means that we're in countries half way across the world.

And on other occasions, countries in Europe.

Every now and then however, we're hopping from one country to the next - and the next - in the very same week.

The Human Touch

This fast-moving multi-country on-the-ground activity within very condensed periods of time is crucial.

Face-to-face with fishermen, fishing associations, cable owners and more - we can find out first-hand what's happening.

And let them know what's happening back at UltraMAP and SeaGard HQ too.

Learning Never Ends

With the fishermen for example, our Directors take the time to meet with them and describe in detail, face-to-face the location of subsea cables so that the vessels and those that are responsible for them become a part of our quest to reduce cable strikes to zero.

And because we've made the journey - often hundreds or sometimes thousands of miles - to shake hands and drink coffee with the men and women on the ground, we can very often find out things that help us to anticipate and prepare for a more securer future back at base, too.

SeaGard Director, and Marine Liaison for ESCA, Aaron Mair is currently undertaking a multi-country port tour on behalf of customers.

These European Port Tours, which we conduct as many as 3 times every single year, are both exhaustive and exhausting.

Yet they are always worth it.

We learn so much by our most senior UltraMAP and SeaGard team members actually being there, gathering information in preparation for our sifting and prioritising our new knowledge upon their return.

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