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What's really inside our subsea internet cables?

At UltraMAP we talk about submarine cables every day, but what exactly are they and what does the inside of the 'internet' look like?

What's really inside our subsea internet cables?

Subsea cables connect the world through fibre optic. There are many thin unobtrusive cables laid across the ocean every year, providing the world with around 99% of their internet and phone connection. 

There is an interesting article online that explores how a subsea cable is created. The article includes a video of a subsea cable being cut in half using a circular saw. 

What's inside the Undersea Internet Cable?

As you can see from the video, there is very little fibre optic inside the subsea cable. Most of the surrounding steel is there to protect the cable from damage caused by ship anchors. Although this is clearly invaluable... it's reactive.

AssetMonitor by UltraMAP is proactive because it prevents dangers, such as ship anchors, from getting anywhere near to your cables in the first place.

By creating a protected zone around a cable, AssetMonitor creates a safe area of ocean through which nothing can pass without being seen. AssetMonitor assesses every vessel entering the protected zone, identifying those which may cause issues to the cables - fishing trawlers, for example, which may have trailing nets. These vessels can be made aware of cables present and an alert can be sent to the cable owner. 

For more information about AssetMonitor and how to protect your subsea cables, contact UltraMAP.

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