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What is AssetMonitor and why should you care?

AssetMonitor is a web-based service that helps to protect subsea and surface assets from vessel damage. It operates and is supported on a live, 24/7 basis.

What is AssetMonitor and why should you care?

What should you care what AssetMonitor is or does?
If you're in the telecommunications industry, energy and renewable energy or the oil & gas sector then you'll most definitely have assets running on the sea bed or on the surface of the ocean. And these assets all need monitoring and protecting from damage. This is what AssetMonitor does.

How does AssetMonitor work?
AssetMonitor uses our network of AIS receivers to accurately identify and position ships anywhere in the world.

What is AIS?
AIS (often referred to as Automatic Identification System) and is a tracking system for vessels. It allows us to see the position of a ship, its speed, course and key information such as vessel name, dimensions and voyage details.

AIS transponders are compulsory on vessels of 300 gross tonnes or more; and are now becoming widely accepted and used by most other vessels.

How does AssetMonitor see the vessels near my assets?
We collect multiple AIS transmissions, using a global network of shore based AIS receivers and some based in satellites. We then translate those coded transmissions into visible vessel movements on the AssetMonitor screen.

What is the range of AIS?
The range depends on the height of the AIS antenna. The higher, the better. For example, an AIS receiver connected to an external antenna placed 15 meters above sea level, will receive AIS information within a range of 15-20 nautical miles. Installing higher you could see up to 60 nautical miles or more.

How do you collect the data?
We work with numerous suppliers who, together, have a global network of shore based and satellite based AIS receivers. We plug into their networks to get live AIS data for specific geographical locations.

There are some areas of the world that our AIS suppliers haven’t reached yet – if your assets are based in one of these areas, we work with you to supply and install new AIS receivers to cover the area.

How often is the data updated?
AIS data is received and loaded into the AssetMonitor database in real time, making new vessels appear in AssetMonitor within seconds.

What do I need to access AssetMonitor?
All you need is a web browser.

How quickly can I get access to AssetMonitor?
You can start monitoring and protecting your assets within days of signing up with us.

Can you show vessel tracks over time?
You can view vessel movements, 24/7.

You can click to see any number of vessels and their tracked movement over the last 2 hours. Or you can request to see their movement over a longer period of time by accessing AssetMonitor's archive.

Can you get historical AIS data from any area?
We can make historical data available for any actively monitored area of the world, as this information will be stored in our archive.

For other geographical areas, or for other periods of time, we can make data available via our AIS partners around the world.

How do I load my assets into AssetMonitor?
You can load assets into AssetMonitor by copying co-ordinates into interactive tools within AssetMonitor. The tool will accept most WGS 84 formatted co-ordinates.

How wide are the protection zones?
AssetMonitor gives you complete flexibility when creating protection zones around your assets. AssetMonitor can draw them automatically from previous experience, or you can draw them yourself.

Can I change protection zones and rules within AssetMonitor?
AssetMonitor is completely flexible. You have control over the size, shape and number of protection zones you use; and the number of rules you set within each zone.

Once you’ve set up the zones and rules, you can change them at any time.

How do I get notified when a vessel is about to cause damage?
When a vessel enters a protection zone, we analyse its movements against the set of rules you’ve set up. If the vessel movements break a rule, we raise an alarm.

If you’re logged in to AssetMonitor at the time the rule is broken, AssetMonitor will display an alert box and make an alarm sound.
You can also request AssetMonitor sends you notifications of alarms via email and via SMS text.

Is AssetMonitor secure?
AssetMonitor isn’t a public access system; when you become an UltraMAP client, we create a secure login for you. When you login, you only see your assets, vessels around your assets, your zones and your rules. And only users who’ve been allocated with an Administrator login can change things within AssetMonitor.

Will you train me?
We train all of our clients to use AssetMonitor. This training is generally carried out interactively over the internet.

Do you keep all of the data you receive?
We store all of the AIS data we receive. We make this data available in the live AssetMonitor environment for a period of 6 months. Beyond that, we archive the data, but make it available to our clients on request.

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