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Boat floating in front of a marina


In early September 2018, Martin from UltraMAP attended the 51st ESCA Plenary. This is the annual get-together of members from the European Subsea Cables Association.


This year, the event was held in Bath, Somerset in Southern England.

Once again the gathering was a great opportunity to meet the great and the good from the world’s subsea industries.

And over a 3 day period we mingled with submarine cable owners, operators and suppliers to discuss, analyse and give our opinions on marine safety and the protection of subsea cables and pipes.


Not unsurprisingly, our UltraMAP team love telling the world how watertight our monitoring of subsea cables is because of our very own AssetMonitor software. We’re still the world’s only monitor of subsea and surface assets that offer 24/7 coverage.

But on this occasion, on the subject of being ‘watertight’ even the mighty AssetMonitor was no match for our venue – a Roman Baths.

The ESCA Dinner was held in a superb restaurant. And the restaurant was housed in an ancient Roman Baths. Having a look around and learning the history was great.

The Baths were constructed around 70AD as a grand bathing and socialising complex. The Roman Baths is one of the best-preserved Roman remains in the world and is developed around natural hot springs.

But the fact that really shook us to the core was to do with the lead lining of this great receptacle. Rather impressively, this Roman Bath has been watertight for over 2,000 years.

We’ve been outdone!

AssetMonitor has been pretty much watertight for 10 years, since UltraMAP first created it in 2008.

But 2,000 years! That’s going some.

Let’s see if we’re still doing as amazingly well in the year 4018.

That’ll teach us to gloat…

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