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UltraMAP welcomes ... New York Power Authority

New York Power Awards UltraMAP the contract to monitor its cables in the Long Island Sound.

UltraMAP welcomes ... New York Power Authority

New York Power Authority (“NYPA”) is the largest state public power organization in the USA.

NYPA is a national leader in promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable-fuel and clean-energy technologies.

NYPA has 16 generating facilities and over 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines. NYPA owns and operates the 345 Kv Y-49 submarine power cable that lies in Long Island sound. It connects New Rochelle in Westchester County to North Hempstead on Long Island. Y-49 comprises 4 self-contained fluid filled cables buried in the seabed.
UltraMAP was successful in its tender for monitoring services for NYPA Y-49 and was awarded the contract in April 2015.

As part of the contract, NYPA will use AssetMonitor to protect Y-49 from anchor damage. UltraMAP will also supply two Vesper Marine virtual beacons to assist in the prevention process. The main purpose of the virtual beacons is to transmit signals along the length of Y-49 so that any vessels coming near the cable system will see electronic markers on their on board displays. If the vessels break any rules within AssetMonitor they will receive a direct alert from AssetMonitor.

The Virtual Beacons will also act as AIS receivers picking up AIS transmissions from vessels in the Long Island Sound.

(April 2015)

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