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UltraMAP to protect new Submarine COBRAcable

UltraMAP has been awarded the contract to provide monitoring services for the 325 km submarine COBRAcable project interconnecting electricity grids between Netherlands and Denmark.

UltraMAP to protect new Submarine COBRAcable

AssetMonitor will be used 24/7 to help protect the submarine cable from vessel damage, initially while COBRAcable is being laid until it is commissioned in 2019.

COBRAcable is an interconnector between the Netherlands and Denmark, facilitating the transport of renewable energy and enhancing the security of supply.

COBRAcable is a 325 km HVDC cable between Eemshaven in the Netherlands and Endrup in Denmark. The interconnector will be established in collaboration between the Dutch TSO TenneT and the Danish TSO

The interconnector with a capacity of 700 MW will be commissioned in early 2019.

COBRAcable holds the status of Project of Common Interest (PCI) under the European Commission, and is granted financial support from the EU. For more information, please visit the Commission's website about PCI projects.

See the film about the project via YouTube here and read the COBRA leaflet here.

To read more about COBRAcable and find contact details please visit the websites of the two project partners below:

To learn more about how AssetMonitor from UltraMAP can monitor and protect submarine cables from damage please contact us here.

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