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UltraMAP Reviews: Telstra warns container ships off its subsea patch

Read how Telstra uses AssetMonitor to protect their subsea cables.

UltraMAP Reviews: Telstra warns container ships off its subsea patch

'Telstra warns container ships off its subsea patch' was published last month by itnews.

The online article explains how every month Telstra has to warn 30 - 50 vessels away from the telco’s subsea cable infrastructure paths. Vessels travelling too close to an area where subsea cables are laid can cause a lot of expensive damage to the cables. 

This is why many subsea cables have extra protection in the form of an Automatic Identification System (AIS). In the article, Telstra goes on to say that 'The telco has a dedicated team that uses a ship’s AIS – which provides an identification number, position, course and speed for each vessel – to determine where each is in relation to subsea cables in the area.'

The AIS which Telstra mentions above is UltraMAP's AssetMonitor. AssetMonitor is a piece of technology that helps to reduce the risk of subsea and surface asset damage by monitoring them live, 24/7.

In Telstra's situation, having this technology gives them the opportunity to prevent up to 50 potentially expensive incidents per month. 

For more information about AssetMonitor and how to protect your subsea cables, contact UltraMAP.

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