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UltraMAP - Prevention or cure?

In this short video, UltraMAPs Commercial Director Martin Connelly chats about whether the AssetMonitor service by UltraMAP is a preventative measure to protect subsea cables and surface assets or a cure after the event.

UltraMAP - Prevention or cure?

To give potential customers an insight into UltraMAP and the people behind UltraMAP we have put together several short videos to help answer some of the most common questions we are asked.

In the video in this blog article, Martin talks about the UltraMAP service AssetMonitor and whether it's used as prevention or cure when it comes to protecting subsea and surface assets from vessel damage.

Scroll down to watch the video.

And here is a transcript of the video.

"Are you preventing problems or curing problems?"

"Well we're doing both. We're preventing problems and curing problems."

"Part of our prevention policy is to prevent vessels damaging cables, so we'll receive alerts whenever a vessel is about to do something. So for example our software will tell us when a vessel is about to drop its anchor so our prevention is to generate an alert that tells us that the vessel is about to do that and then we'll take some preventive action. The alert will go to the
customers operation centre and they will try to move it along."

"However we're also part of the cure and what we will also do is build up awareness of what's happening, so the fact that vessels are being told about our customers cables and assets on a regular basis we see changes in patterns of behaviour, so for
example if your fishing vessel gets the same warning a lot of the time you'll see that their behaviour changes they're reminded that something exists."

"What role do you play after a strike? After a cable strike where do you come in, is it not just too late, are you no longer relevant?"

"One of the big things that we do if something happens to one of our customers assets that hasn't been prevented then we store all of the data associated with events around that incident so our customers can come to us and say well what was happening around that time, what vessel caused the damage, we can extract that data and help them get some recompense from it."

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