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UltraMAP presents...

When your offering is technical – like AssetMonitor – it’s important, every now and then, to get clients together in one room for a bit of a catch-up.

UltraMAP presents...

Because things change. 

And you need to keep everyone up to speed.
So, in early March, UltraMAP presented to a small group of AssetMonitor clients, in Liphook. A beautiful little place down South. 

We chatted about:
The past…
• How far we’ve come and thank you for coming with us!

The present…
• The new look UltraMAP: new website, new social media presence and new ideas.
• New business relationships with Vesper Marine. AsssetMonitor will be called WatchMate… but it’s still us!

The future…
• New clients - hello and welcome.
• New zones - the ever growing demand for AssetMonitor, results in a growing expanse of ocean to be monitored.
• New requirements - we’re constantly simplifying, honing and improving our systems.
• New enhancements - Virtual Beacons Martin, can you explain this a little again please. Not sure I understood it fully. SeaGard is a new system that sits on-board vessels so they know where client subsea and surface assets are.
• New versatility – in 2016, AssetMonitor will be going mobile. Existing clients will be the first to try.
• In April 2016, we’ll be at the International Cable Protection Conference in Hamburg and at SubOptic in Dubai telling the world about AssetMonitor and UltraMAP.

One of the most important parts of the day, was saying thank you to our existing clients – this is vital and doesn’t get said enough in business. It’s important that clients know we’re here for them.

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