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UltraMAP - More than just a cable monitoring solution

Here at UltraMAP we are mostly known for our AssetMonitor service of protecting subsea and surface assets across various sectors....

UltraMAP - More than just a cable monitoring solution

However we are more than just a subsea cable protection company. Our full range of services include:


"AssetMonitor watches and protects your subsea and surface assets live, 24 hours a day."

AssetMonitor is a live, 24 hour, web-based service, monitoring protection zones around subsea and surface assets. It monitors the behaviour of vessels in and around these zones and constantly feeds vessel position back to a central control hub for detailed analysis. AssetMonitor raises an alarm if the analysis shows that a vessel is exhibiting potentially damaging behaviour. Read more here...

AIS Data

"Using Automatic Identification Systems to track and store every vessel's, every move."

Vessel tracking using AIS receivers to monitor and protect subsea power and electricity cables, subsea telecommunications cables, surface rigs and platforms, oil and gas pipes, surface wind turbines, wave/tide generators and other subsea and surface assets.

International Maritime Law dictates that all vessels over a particular size have to carry and use an Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder. AIS broadcasts information about the vessel, such as name, Maritime Mobile Service Identity, speed and course. This information is picked up by receivers on board other vessels, on shore and in satellites. AssetMonitor picks up all of this information, analyses it, records it and stores it. Read more here...

Related Services

"Monitoring and analysing patterns of vessel behaviour to enhance the future safety of our waters."

Every day, we get feedback from our clients about the services they need, and we learn more about the oceans and the behaviour patterns of the vessels that use them. This new knowledge integrally influences UltraMAP's future services. Monitoring vessel activity purely to understand how our oceans are being used, is the future of subsea and surface asset protection.

If you would like to find out more about UltraMAP and our servcies please contact us here or call +44 (0) 191 233 6351.

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