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UltraMAP meets with Business Innovators at Teesside University

Last week UltraMAP's Commercial Director Martin Connelly met with a number of business innovators and developers at Teesside University.

UltraMAP meets with Business Innovators  at Teesside University

The purpose of this meeting was to look at ways of generating business in the Maritime Market by combining better use of Satellite data with Artificial Intelligence algorithms and UltraMAP’s use of intelligent rules for detecting possible damage causing events for subsea and ocean-based assets.

The meeting was chaired by the North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence. The Centre helps organisations to solve problems and open up opportunities using satellite data and technology whilst helping businesses to exploit the use of satellite data, technology and applications to gain a competitive advantage in a global market. The overarching theme of the Centre is using satellite applications to create a safer world.

The meeting at Teesside University was excellent and generated a number of ideas.

We are looking forward to the next session... taking some of those ideas forward.

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