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UltraMAP – Looking back on 2017 and forward to 2018

UltraMAP Commercial Director Martin Connelly gives a round up of what 2017 brought us and what we predict for 2018.

UltraMAP – Looking back on 2017 and forward to 2018

WOW… didn’t that go quickly. 2017 was another busy, enjoyable expansive year for UltraMAP. 

What has happened during 2017

UltraMAP did a lot of mixing in 2017. We presented and exhibited at:

- SEAIOCMA and PIOMCMA, Colombo, Sri Lanka

- All Energy Glasgow, UK

- ESCA, Bilbao, Spain

- ICPC, Montevideo, Uruguay

- Subsea Power Cables conference, London UK

- Hosted through SeaGard, ESCA, Glasgow, UK

- New York Power mission, Newcastle, UK

UltraMAP raised its profile in 2017. Most of UltraMAP’s customers to date had come to us through word of mouth and from recommendations of our customers. To spread the word a little bit more, we compiled a series of short films with the help of angelfysh, documenting our beginnings and just what it is that makes us good at helping our clients. 

UltraMAP did a lot of moving in 2017...

- We competed in the 2017 Great North Run, raising money for Crohn's and Colitis UK

- We moved offices, doubling our capacity

- One of our directors took on a three week trek around Indonesia

 UltraMAP did a lot of expanding in 2017...

- New customers kept joining us to use AssetMonitor to protect their assets. In addition to those we helped protect in 2016, we now also monitor:

  • GlobalCom’s extension to UK Waters
  • Prysmian COBRA Cable
  • Vysiion NEMO Cable
  • New customers from our partners, Vesper Marine in Singapore and USA
  • New customers through our partners in Australia
  • National Grid and RTE with the IFA Cable
  • New customers through our partners SeaGard

- We supported our partners SeaGard to expand their monitoring operation in the Philippines and to add a cable patrol vessel to their range of services

- We doubled our workforce

- We increased the scope of AssetMonitor to handle its growing use while keeping it working as fast as possible

2017 saw ‘Risk Aversion’ become a big topic in 2017...

- Damage to cables is slowly being recognised as a threat to their infrastructure by governments around the work

- In the comms market, the rise in demand for live streaming is giving rise to a demand for more proactive cable protection.

What we predict for 2018

I predict more of the above plus:

- MORE mixing in 2018...

  • PTC, Waikiki, Hawaii
  • ESCA, Hanover, Germany
  • ICPC, Cape Town, South Africa
  • And more.

- MORE spreading the word in 2018.. we’re excellent at protecting assets, just not good at telling people about it!!

- MORE moving, perhaps one more Great North Run (I always say ‘just one more’) 

- MORE expansion. I expect more of our work in 2018 to come through our existing partner network and by introducing more partners that want to work with us as their core

- ‘Risk Aversion’ will remain a hot topic in 2018 and we’ll be part of the plan to avert it.

I predict 2018 to be a year that passes even more quickly... nothing at all to do with getting older.

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