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UltraMAP - In the Beginning

This short video by UltraMAP's Commercial Director Martin Connelly gives an insight into the early days of UltraMAP including the first client to have their subsea cables protected.

UltraMAP - In the Beginning

To give potential customers an insight into UltraMAP and the people behind UltraMAP we have put together several short videos to help answer some of the most common questions we are asked.

The video in this blog article talks about the early days of UltraMAP.

Scroll down to watch the video.

And here is a transcript of the video.

"UltraMAP started in 2013, we were part of a larger organisation at the time so we were part of European Air Defence Systems which is part of the Airbus group. And as part of that organisation we created AssetMonitor for the Channel Islands Electricity Grid."

"So they asked us to create a system for them which allowed them to get alerts when a vessel is about to drop its anchor on top of their power cables that transmit power between the Channel Islands and France."

"So we developed a system with protecting subsea assets in mind so it's been specifically developed for this purpose so we're not a port monitoring system that changed to monitor cables for example, so yes we developed the system but we developed it with a broad market in mind, not just this single customer and they actually helped us introduce it to other customers so at the time Channel Islands Electricity Grid were part of UKCPC which is the UK Cable Protection Committee so they helped us introduce our system into other members of the UKCPC and we started to build their ideas in so we did a lot of work for example with British Telecom in the early days, so a lot of the ideas for protecting cables came from working with our customers at Channel Islands Electricity Grid and British Telecom."

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