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UltraMAP - Global Solutions for Global Problems

In this short video, UltraMAPs Commercial Director Martin Connelly chats about subsea cable damage being a global issue with different problems in different parts of the world.

UltraMAP - Global Solutions for Global Problems

To give potential customers an insight into UltraMAP and the people behind UltraMAP we have put together several short videos to help answer some of the most common questions we are asked.

In the video in this blog article, Martin talks about the fact that damage to subsea cables is a global problem and not just confined to any one location.

Scroll down to watch the video.

And here is a transcript of the video.

"The problem with damage to cables is all over the world yes, there are particular issues in different parts of the world."

"So for example in the Irish Sea one of the biggest problems at the moment is with scallop fishing the method of fishing employed drags things across the seabed and it's particularly dangerous to subsea cables."

"In other parts of the world it's ships anchoring for example of Singapore, very large ships waiting to come into port or anchoring off port waiting to be taken ashore, anchor damage is the biggest problem."

"So are you behind your desk much or are you buzzing around all over the world all the time."

"Well most of the time I'm behind my desk but we do like to get out and see our customers from time to time, mostly it's with big conferences so we're off to Singapore in September for an International conference, we'd literally been to Uruguay and a lot of our customers get together there so it's a good way to catch up with our customers and get feedback from them."

"About how many customers do look after?"

"We look after about 50 different organisations around the world and they are all over the world so we monitor their cables so the number of cables is about the number of customers times about ten so we monitor thousands of kilometers of cables all around the world."

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