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UltraMAP Become Members of NOF

The business development organisation that helps to make valuable connections between businesses in the global energy sector.

UltraMAP Become Members of NOF

We've had some recent success in infrastructure monitoring in the Renewable Energy sector so becoming a member of NOF allows us to advise and help other organisations in the Renewable Energy sector too.

In the world of Renewable Energy, billions of pounds worth of assets sit below the surface of the ocean.

AssetMonitor is a live, 24 hour, web-based monitoring of physical exclusion zones around subsea and ocean bed assets. It monitors the behaviour of vessels in and around these zones and constantly feeds vessel positioning information back to a central control hub.  

Every second of every day, the technology of AssetMonitor protects the Renewable Energy industry in the following ways:

+ Helps protect power generating turbines.

+ Helps protect and prevent damage to power cables.

+ Helps protect and prevent damage to the vital electricity carried in the cables.

+ Protects our interactive environment by allowing safe transport of energy underwater. 

AssetMonitor not only sets rules for vessels to abide by… we enforce them.

For more information about the benefits of AssetMonitor, get in touch today.

And if you too are a member of NOF, we might well see you at future events.

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