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Thought Leaders Align

Here at UltraMAP we're considered by many to be Thought Leaders in our field. But let us introduce you to two men that shape our thinking.

Thought Leaders Align

Keith Schofield is General Manager of the International Cable Protection Committee. Gil Santaliz is CEO of the New Jersey Fibre Exchange.

Speaking at the recent Submarine Networks Europe event in London, there are few better connected people than Schofield and Santaliz. And great minds, on this occasion at least, really did think alike.

Subsea Cabling Systems and the UK – A 64 Billion Dollar Concern.

Schofield and Santaliz agree on one thing. That subsea cabling systems must be recognised as critical infrastructure. And they were specific as to why:

"Subsea cables bring nations together, keep consumers happy and keep data safe. We are investing billions of dollars for the betterment of humanity," said Schofield.

These comments come on the back of a new report claiming subsea telecommunications cables facilitate $64 billion of trade for the UK economy, each year.

And Schofield’s thoughts were echoed by Gil Santaliz, CEO of the New Jersey Fibre Exchange, who said that investment in the subsea cabling sector was critical to safeguard the security and prosperity of future generations.

"Fundamentally, we need the internet to work and for that to happen we need those subsea connecting cables to work. Today, Internet of Things technology is no longer a nice to have – it's a must have," he said.

What UltraMAP think.

At UltraMAP we are detail people. We deal with real-world facts and absolutes. To contextualise Schofield and Santaliz’s comments, the amount of trade and commerce facilitated by subsea cable systems for the UK alone exceeds the total value of the UK's annual trade deal with China.

That’s big.

The Chain

And as committed as we are to what we do, we also understand that here ay UltraMAP we are merely a link in a chain. However, it is our job to keep the links of the chain connected.

That’s the only way the data can move. And the only way commerce can move. 64 billion dollars worth each year in the UK alone.

So is it worth leaving cables unattended? Unmonitored, even for a single minute of a single day? When a cable strike can happen in any single minute and on any single day?

We don't think so. How about you?

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