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The UK Marine Energy Conference

In July 2016, we were lucky enough to attend the very first UK Marine Energy Conference, held in Glasgow.

The UK Marine Energy Conference

The one day conference attracted leaders within the marine energy industry from all over the UK, meaning we got to meet and chat to lots of possible future clients. Not only did the conference and networking event celebrate the industry, it also emphasised why and how we could accelerate its progress. 

Being in the same room as so many amazing companies who keep the world turning smoothly every day, was very inspiring. We met some truly great minds, and knowing that UltraMAP can benefit all of these companies made us feel rather special.

Whilst there, we met a company whose single endeavour is to protect the planet through environmental innovations in sustainable energy. The work they do benefits the planets environment massively and is helping us to become more sustainable in our energy use. And this is where UltraMAP comes in – because companies who protect the planet using subsea or surface assets, must also be protected.

As we as a civilisation progress, more and more business assets will move into the oceans – it’s an invaluable space that we must very respectfully utilise.

So, if you’re a company with assets in or on the oceans, you need to speak to UltraMAP. Whether your work is connected to oil rigs, wind farms or tidal energy farms, for example, we’ll help you to keep your assets safe.

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