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The Power of doing ONE thing well – PART TWO

Welcome to 2018. This, our first blog of the new year was conceived during a little personal downtime over the Christmas period. We got to thinking about ‘purpose’.

The Power of doing ONE thing well – PART TWO

Doing What You’re Born To Do

UltraMAP is doing what it was born to do. We are making big promises about the protection of subsea assets and then doing all we can to deliver on those promises.

And over the Christmas period of 2017 we asked ourself an interesting question. We were reflecting on how we manage to deliver with the level of consistency that make us so effective. 

We kidded ourself for a moment that it was pure talent! But in all honesty… it’s much more about hard work. 

The Magical Mix of Talent and Hard Work 
Talent helps. But mostly we just have to work at it. We have to put in the hours. And because here at UltraMAP we have people and corporations relying on us to help safeguard jobs, to guarantee continuation of supply and to deliver on Service Level Agreements – it’s much more than hours we’re investing in the day-to-day.

It’s years of experience. 

In the Early Days
In the early days of UltraMAP we had to put in far more than we got out. We didn’t mind of course because we made big promises and kept big promises, from day one. But we were learning our trade. 

Optimism kept us going, that and the quest for perfection. We didn’t see – and we still don’t see – any one specialist brand as obsessed with the protection of subsea assets with the same focus and obsession as UltraMAP. We never have deviated from this single goal and we never will. The sea is a big place. Traffic is huge, fluid and in many ways unpredictable. But the never-ending hunger to understand the environment is key to what we do.

Knowhow does not come quickly and it does not come easy. Setting the vision was the easy part. Delivering the vision is much harder. 

But as we enter our sixth year UltraMAP is building a reputation as the go-to brand for the greatest chance of avoiding any subsea strike BEFORE it happens. And the knowhow inside of our company to make this happen is significant. It comes from being here and doing what we do, not lots of qualifications. Experience has no short-cut.

Our development team has spent many years building efficient web-based applications. Our systems need to work in real-time to be able to generate alerts and alarms in a timely enough fashion to effect an intervention. Geographical Information Systems (“GIS”) are at the core of what we do as all of our customer’s assets and vessel movement are accurately mapped. Our development team created, deployed and supported GIS systems all over the world prior to focusing on AssetMonitor.

What Sets Us Apart 
So we do have talent, and it helps. But – and this is the conclusion we arrived at as we thought about this – it is our ability and willingness to work at something until we become its master that sets UltraMAP apart. 

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