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The Power of doing ONE thing well

UltraMAP is doing what it was born to do. We are making big promises about the protection of subsea assets and then doing all we can to deliver on those promises.

The Power of doing ONE thing well

Narrow Focus. Broad Effect.

This short story is triggered by a piece of research that we conducted recently. Here at UltraMAP we naturally stay in touch with latest technologies, software, legislation and the finer nuances and requirements of every single client. And we take a look at the competition, too.

Something we have noticed about other similar brands in our field is that – and we totally understand the apparent common sense in this approach – some providers are offering a very broad range of related services under one brand. In theory it’s brilliant for customers to benefit from a one-stop-shop approach. But at the same time we worry a little that in some cases providers are thinking a little too short term. Are they simply seeing new revenue streams and going for them when, perhaps, they’d be better keeping their focus narrow?

It reminds me of a scene where a plumber you have just been introduced to also tells you that he or she will look after your joinery and electrical work too. Can this one person really be great at all of these things? I think I’d rather the plumber concentrated on plumbing.

Our Obsession

Here at UltraMAP we offer above all, “Security in an Insecure World” - we protect subsea assets. We don't design them, manufacture them, lay them or repair them. We are obsessed with just one thing – their protection.

If we invested energy into, say, repair – then our team would at least on a subconscious level be thinking about what we do when our protection fails. We’d rather put all our energies into avoiding failure in the first instance at all costs. There are some great brands out there that do support repairs, and we know them all. They are specialists too. So we leave repairs to them.

Do What You Were Born To Do

UltraMAP was, quite literally, born to protect. So that’s where 100% of our energy is invested. If you’d like to share your specialist requirements with our specialist team, please call +44(0)191 233 6351 or contact us here.

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