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The myth about sharks biting subsea cables

‘What can you do to stop sharks from biting through my subsea cables?’ A question we get asked a lot here at UltraMAP.

The myth about sharks biting subsea cables

And the answer? Nothing. We don’t need to. This is because sharks biting subsea cables and causing damage is nothing more than an urban myth, despite what the Jaws film led you to believe.

In fact there are many other dangers in the oceans that hold a much larger threat to undersea cables than shark bites... the main threat being fishing vessels. Many people forget about the damage fishing can cause to a subsea cable however, the data taken from Global Marine between 2010 – 2015 shows that over 42% of all external subsea cable faults were due to fishing vessels, making it the highest overall.

So despite what you may have been told it’s the fishermen who are causing more damage than the fish to subsea cables.

As well as fishing, ship anchors also are a big risk to subsea cables. Whether the anchor was dropped to early or wasn’t picked up in time, it is very easy for anchors to damage undersea cables.

How does UltraMAP help?

At UltraMAP we provide the protection you need to keep your subsea cables safe. With the technology of AssetMonitor we have a live feed monitoring the sea, 24/7. Sending an alert whenever a vessel enters your cable protection zone, we can then determine whether the vessel is a threat and choose the correct course of action.

If you would like to know more about the urban myth of shark bites, or how AssetMonitor can benefit you then contact UltraMAP today.

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