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The loudest voice isn't always the smartest choice

AssetMonitor. The smart choice, not the obvious choice.

The loudest voice isn't always the smartest choice

Buy the latest mobile phone. Buy the newest car. These are just some of the 'offers' being shoved under our noses on a daily basis, often meaning he who shouts the loudest is the one who pockets our hard earned cash, not he who has the smartest offer.

This week, Donald Trump won the US Presidential Elections, becoming the 45th President. But was it only because he shouted the loudest?

Here at UltraMAP we don’t like to shout. Instead we like to provide the smartest offer. Using the technology of AssetMonitor we can monitor your subsea and surface assets live, 24 hours a day. Monitoring the behaviour of vessels, AssetMonitor raises an alarm if a vessel enters your subsea or surface asset area.

From surface wind farms or oil rigs, to subsea communication cables, UltraMAP can help you to protect your assets from the unknown dangers lurking in the oceans.

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