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The increasing use of AIS technology

Developed in the 1990's, the original purpose of AIS was solely collision avoidance of vessels.

The increasing use of AIS technology

These days, AIS technology (Automatic Identification System) is increasingly being used for other purposes in addition to its original intended use. Here are just a few of the many uses of ship tracking using the AIS technology:

- Vessel traffic services and collision avoidance
- Fishing fleet monitoring and control
- Maritime security
- Protecting infrastructure
- Tracking fleet and cargo
- To aid in search and rescue operations
- Accident investigation
- Navigation aids

Just last month in June 2017, AIS technology was used to investigate a fatal collision between U.S. destroyer the USS Fitzgerald and a containership off the coast of Shimoda, Japan. Seven U.S. Navy sailors unfortunately lost their lives in the collision.

AIS data is also being used to stop illegal fishing as reported here.

And the AIS technology is useful in helping authorities identify, stop and prevent the smuggling of arms and narcotics.

Risk management in submarine cable systems can help protect millions of £££s of investment from manmade and natural risks as identified here.

The UltraMAP AssetMonitor system uses AIS to protect subsea cables and pipes. AssetMonitor is used in a range of sectors by our clients including:

- Telecommunications companies themselves to protect their subsea communication cables

- Companies in the Oil & Gas industry to protect surface rigs and platforms as well as subsea oil and gas pipes and cables

- The Renewable Energy sector to protect subsea electricity cables, surface wind turbines and wave/tide generators

- Electricity companies to protect our global power supply by monitoring subsea electricity cables

If you'd like to know more about AssetMonitor, our other related services including AIS data please contact us here.

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