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The importance of protecting Submarine Cables

Find out why UltraMAP will be attending the International Cable Protection Conference next week in Hamburg...

The importance of protecting Submarine Cables

What: International Cable Protection Conference

Where: Hamburg, Germany

When: 11th – 14th April, 2016

Why: The reputation of the International Cable Protection Committee speaks for itself. Their vision statement is: “To be the international submarine cable authority providing leadership and guidance on issues related to submarine cable security and reliability.”

That’s one bold statement… but it’s also one that they achieve.

The theme for the 2016 ICPC Plenary session in Hamburg is: “The Case for Submarine Cables: Protecting and enhancing the global environment with power and communications.”

And then there’s the exhibition… which is where UltraMAP comes in!

UltraMAP’s exhibiting in order to mix and build relationships with the biggest and brightest subsea cable companies and authorities the world has right now.

This sector is growing year on year, as the area under our seas is utilised more and more. Living in harmony with the ocean is essential.

The backbone of global communications and a huge portion of the world’s energy supply is sitting on the ocean bed… in thousands and thousands of miles of telecom, internet and electricity cables.

It’s the safest, least intrusive space on the planet for these cables to exist, so the job for UltraMAP is to look after them.

The ocean bed is safe, but our clients also want peace of mind.

Increased vessel activity and shallow water vulnerability are just two things we keep our eye on for our clients. We also identify patterns of behaviour in different types of vessel - so we not only understand what’s happening in our seas now, but what will be happening in the future.

Working in the marine environment is challenging because, well, it’s been occupied for millennia by living things - subsea transportation and renewable energy hubs shouldn’t impact on any of that.

As companies continue to come up with subsea and surface innovations, UltraMAP will continue to help them live in harmony with the ocean’s existing traffic.

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