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The Chain

When we launched 5 years ago we probably wouldn't have done this. We’d have said no. The complexity. The scale. The responsibility. The uniqueness. Being first – this is genuinely pioneering. And global partnering can be tricky.

The Chain

These days however, it’s fine. This is what we do.

The Longest Subsea Interconnector In The World

Our AssetMonitor software, operating through our sister company SeaGard, will monitor the North Sea Link power cable as it’s being laid. Statnett and National Grid North Sea Link Limited are working together to construct an electricity interconnector between Norway and the UK. 

The North Sea Link will connect the electricity systems of the two countries via high voltage subsea cables from Kvilldal in Norway to Blyth in the UK. Passing through Norwegian and British waters, North Sea Link will be operational in 2021 and will be the longest subsea interconnector in the world.

The Chain

The success of this pioneering project relies on a powerful chain of important global partners.

Prysmian has been awarded a contract to design, fabricate and install 2 x 470km of subsea cables and 2 x 2km of onshore cables which will be manufactured at the group’s factory in Naples and installed using its cable laying vessel the Giulio Verne. Prysmian selected the partnership of SeaGard’s 24/7/365 operations centre using UltraMAP’s AssetMonitor and Guard Vessels from Sea Source to help protect the North Sea Link through to 2021.  

The formation of this partnership between SeaGard and Sea Source is a unique approach to cable protection. Sea Source is a fishermen’s co-operative, based in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland. So the project brings together a powerfully unique combination using the strengths of SeaGard’s technical operational skills and a well-managed efficient set of guard vessels directly from the fishing community. It’s a great partnership that started to form on other cable protection contracts.

North UK. Positivity.

The North Sea Link project is also good news for the North East of England. Not only will the cable land in Blyth with infrastructure being put in place to handle the import and export of power, SeaGard’s Newcastle office will be used as the operational base for the cable monitoring service and the Port of Blyth will be used as the home port for servicing the fleet.

To be a key partner alongside such impressive players is flattering. The inception of the longest subsea interconnector is significant for us and the industry that we care so much about.

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