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Telecommunications and UltraMAP

Every second of every day, the technology of AssetMonitor protects the telecommunication Industry.

Telecommunications and UltraMAP

With subsea communication cables being a vital connection, as well as being worth billions of pounds, protection is a must when working in telecommunications.

The benefits of AssetMonitor

Don’t think you need AssetMonitor? Well, as long as there are boats on the sea then there will always be a risk of subsea comms cables being damaged.

But don’t worry, with AssetMonitor’s live 24/7 web-based feed, we are always monitoring the oceans. Nothing happens without UltraMAP knowing about it.

Here are 3 ways in which AssetMonitor can protect subsea cables for the telecommunication Industry;

-    Protecting and preventing damage to subsea telecommunication cables from being damaged by ship anchors and fishing trawlers.  
-    Protecting and preventing damage to the vital technology carried in the cables.
-    Protecting our interactive environment by allowing safe transport of technology under water.

Monitoring the movement of vessels close to the protected zones around your subsea cables, AssetMonitor raises an alarm whenever something enters one of these zones. Providing all the vessel information, an informed decision can then be made on the best way to proceed.

And that’s not all. After using AssetMonitor over a set period of time, in a set square mileage of ocean, UltraMAP can produce a statistical report on vessel activity.

This allows UltraMAP clients to be wise before the event.

AssetMonitor and you

Investing in AssetMonitor to protect your subsea communication cables will not only save you in the long run from potential large repair costs but also provides the peace of mind that your subsea cables are under constant monitoring.

No fuss, no drama, no worries. Just guaranteed protection.

If you have assets in or on the oceans, then AssetMonitor is what you need. Call UltraMAP today on +44 (0) 191 233 6351 for more information or contact us here.

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