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Subsea broadband cable project to connect Africa

No one can expect the unexpected... but you can be prepared.

Subsea broadband cable project to connect Africa

Recently, TECHCENTRAL reported about the story of a new subsea cable which would connect Africa. 

The submarine cable, which is set to go live by summer 2018, will help provide international internet bandwidth to the west coast of Africa, including countries such as South Africa.

Within the article it mentions that the ‘total cost of the project is about US$300m,’ proving a fact we know well... the infrastructure for subsea cable projects is a huge investment.

And the investment shouldn't stop there. It's important to budget for the unexpected, for maintenance, protection and monitoring.

With the technology of AssetMonitor, UltraMAP is able to help protect and monitor subsea assets and submarine cables 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a live feed. There are many dangers lurking in our oceans that can't be seen without AssetMonitor. 

If you have submarine cables in the oceans, give Martin a call to find out how AssetMonitor can benefit you.

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