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Submarine Power Cable & Interconnection Forum

In June 2016, we nipped to Germany as one of the conference sponsors for the Advanced Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum.

Submarine Power Cable & Interconnection Forum

The Forum is about this…
“Enabling Technologies, Harnessing Innovation and Enhancing Cable Security to Reduce Costs, Risks and Increase Efficiency.”

And for us, it was about…
“Protecting subsea power cables, anywhere in the world, from the activity of surface vessels.”

The exceptional reputation of this conference meant that it was attended by a wide range of power cable owners, managers and suppliers – all sharing their experiences, knowledge and expertise with conference attendees.

The atmosphere was enthusing for everyone there… which is the whole point.

Our main aim was to educate, inform, reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. We managed to do this each and every day.

We met plenty of potential customers – which is always good – and we sincerely hope to be helping them to protect their subsea and surface assets in the weeks and months to come, by using AssetMonitor, our web based AIS monitoring system.
The great thing for us about this particular conference is that it’s specialist - created for those companies involved in power cables and nothing else. This speciality gives us the opportunity to meet people who will ALL need us, in some capacity.  

The whole environment at this conference is inspiring. Even the location, in the old East German sector, still has remnants of East meets West and you get a real feel of history. Every time we attend conferences such as this one, it’s an opportunity for us to make a little bit of history too. We like that.
Power Cable companies keep the world moving… and we keep Power Cable companies moving. That’s a big deal! And one we’re proud to be part of.

So, if you’re a company with assets in or on the oceans anywhere in the world - oil rigs, wind farms, tidal energy farms, power cables or telecom cables - you need to speak to UltraMAP. We’ll help you to keep your property safe, so you can keep your customers happy.

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