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SG Integrity deployed to monitor in the Irish Sea

SeaGard, UltraMAP’s 24/7 monitoring partner deployed its high speed cable protection vessel the SG Integrity in the Irish Sea this month to coincide with the start of the Scallop fishing season.

SG Integrity deployed to monitor in the Irish Sea

The Scallop season in the Irish Sea runs for over 200 days from 1st November and it’s a particularly dangerous time for subsea cables. Scallop fishermen dredge the seabed for their catch and can easily snag their gear on cables and other subsea assets. UltraMAP and SeaGard monitor a number of cables in the Irish Sea and the SG Integrity was contracted-in to add a physical presence, collect data and detect vessels without AIS transmission.

The main aim of UltraMAP and SeaGard’s presence is to prevent the seabed infrastructure from being damaged. However, the 24/7 team also raise awareness of subsea assets like cables and pipelines and build up relationships with other marine users.

Quote from Aaron Mair, Director of SeaGard : "The deployment of the cable patrol vessel has already seen the skipper and crew contact numerous vessels and issue cable awareness information which has prevented scallop dredgers from towing over subsea cables. It has been well received and is also another plus for the safety of life at sea and the prevention of snagging accidents."

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