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Protecting the BritNed cable that powers the UK and Europe

BritNed deliver unparalleled efficiency, reliability and safety, vital to the energy needs of Great Britain and the north-western European Region.

Protecting the BritNed cable that powers the UK and Europe

BritNed is the owner and operator of the 260km power cable in the North Sea between Great Britain and the Netherlands.

The 1,000 MW electricity cable harnesses renewable energy from across Europe providing customers with the best possible products and services.

Scroll down to watch the 2017 BritNed Commercial Film. A short and interesting video lasting 01:58 long...

BritNed Commercial Film 2017 from BritNed on Vimeo.

UltraMAP has been helping to protect the BritNed cable (which is actually 2 cables together) since 2011 and prior to that whilst it was being laid. 

Protection of this cable is vital to the uptime of these products and services. That's where AssetMonitor from UltraMAP comes in.

AssetMonitor is a live, 24 hour, web-based monitoring of physical exclusion zones around subsea and ocean bed assets. It monitors the behaviours of vessels in and around these zones and constantly feeds vessel positioning information back to a central control hub.

Every second of every day, the technology of AssetMonitor protects our customers assets in the following ways:

  • Helps protect and prevent damage to power cables.
  • Helps protect and prevent damage to the vital electricity carried in the cables.
  • Protects our interactive environment by allowing safe transport of energy underwater.

AssetMonitor not only sets rules for vessels to abide by... we enforce them too.

If you'd like to learn more about how AssetMonitor can protect subsea and surface assets in your sector, please get in touch here.

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