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Protecting nature's endless wealth of energy sources

UltraMAP's AssetMonitor service is used to protect assets in many sectors including the Renewable Energy sector.

Protecting nature's endless wealth of energy sources

The renewable energy industry has both surface and subsea assets that need protecting from the likes of vessel damage.

Subsea electricity cables that run under the ocean as well as surface wind turbines and wave/tide generators all need protecting.

Introduction - How AssetMonitor fits in

In the world of Renewable Energy, billions of pounds worth of assets sit below the surface of the ocean.

AssetMonitor is a live, 24 hour, web-based monitoring of physical exclusion zones around subsea and ocean bed assets. It monitors the behaviours of vessels in and around these zones and constantly feeds vessel positioning information back to a central control hub.

Every second of every day, the technology of AssetMonitor protects the Renewable Energy industry in the following ways:

  • Helps protect power generating turbines.
  • Helps protect and prevent damage to power cables.
  • Helps protect and prevent damage to the vital electricity carried in the cables.
  • Protects our interactive environment by allowing safe transport of energy underwater.

AssetMonitor not only sets rules for vessels to abide by... we enforce them too.

Protection - Protecting subsea and surface

Our Renewable Energy clients use AssetMonitor to enforce exclusion zones around their marine assets.

There can be any number of zones, of any size. Initially, we'd advise 2 lines of defence - a 1,000 metre wide outer perimeter around all assets for 'early warning', and a 500 metre wide inner perimeter around all assets for 'action required'.

We provide a 24/7, live, web based service which monitors vessel activity in and around these zones. We can raise an early alarm, warning of close proximity - or we can raise an intrusion alarm, informing of trespass into the exclusion zone and that the vessel is exhibiting potentially damaging behaviour.

It depends on the asset, the vulnerability, the type of vessel and the depth at which the asset sits beneath the surface of the ocean... this is where our completely tailored approach comes in. We'll learn your requirements and program specific rules to look after you.

We can even link AssetMonitor to AIS receivers installed on wind turbines, therefore providing protection far out at sea.

Benefits - Working for you

AssetMonitor is completely flexible and can be tailored to the exact needs of each client.

Some clients will need subsea asset protection only, whereas some will have surface assets too. Some cables will be naturally
protected by depth of water or by being buried beneath the seabed; in these cases only the landing zones will need to be protected.

Our worldwide network of AIS receivers, including ones far out at sea on oil rigs and wind turbines, work together with our web and wi-fi capacity to allow us to monitor any body of ocean, anywhere in the world.

Whether you're an individual company or part of a consortium, we liaise with and align the needs of any number of clients in a single project. Our cover can also significantly reduce your insurance.

What next?

If you'd like to learn more about how AssetMonitor can protect subsea and surface assets in your sector, please get in touch here.

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