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Predict and protect – SeaGard predicts subsea cable damage

UltraMAP partners SeaGard predict cable damage in the Southern North Sea.

Predict and protect – SeaGard predicts subsea cable damage

Predict and Protect

Aaron Mair – Commercial Director at SeaGard

UltraMAP and SeaGard work closely to protect subsea cables and surface assets for telecoms, oil & gas, energy and renewable energy clients using AssetMonitor.

The main team behind SeaGard are Aaron Mair and Calum Mair. Both have extensive background in the maritime industry.

Aaron is fisheries liason officer for the European Subsea Cable Association (ESCA) and in the December 2016 report he predicted that during 2017 there would be increased fishing effort in the Southern North Sea because of an EU fish quota increase to compensate for the introduction of an EU discards ban. And that this increased fishing activity could potentially result in subsea cable damage if precautionary measures weren't put in place.

Following his prediction, in January 2017 a submarine cable was snagged and damaged in the Southern North Sea.

Aaron said "I don't think anything could have been done to prevent the incident whether I was listened to or not. But I do think SeaGard in the long term could identify the ports that vessels were operating from and target 'cable aware' port visits to distribute information to vessels fishing near subsea cables."

If you would like to learn more about SeaGard please click here. Alternatively you can talk to UltraMAP about the AssetMonitor technology used by both UltraMAP and SeaGard by contacting us here.

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