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New York Power Authority Long Island Cable Protection System & UltraMAP

UltraMAP was pleased to welcome Bob Schwabe from New York Power Authority (“NYPA”) to its offices in Newcastle this week to review the technical set-up of their Long Island Cable Protection System which is powered by UltraMAP’s AssetMonitor technology.

New York Power Authority Long Island Cable Protection System & UltraMAP

Described by some as a virtual underwater police officer, AssetMonitor by UltraMAP is the technology behind the protection solution being used by NYPA… Guardian:protect by Vesper Marine (UltraMAP partners).

Guardian:protect is being used by NYPA to protect their Long Island Sound Submarine cable system between New Rochelle in Westchester and Hempstead on Long Island, New York. This cable system moves power from upstate generators to Long Island and is key to the reliable and safe delivery of electricity.

After the cable system previously suffered crippling damage from two anchor strikes, NYPA looked to implement a solution to avoid the same thing happening a third time.

The anchor strike in 2014 actually forced the cable system out of service, required millions of dollars in repairs and had a detrimental effect on the environment so it was imperative that the problem be fixed once and for all. So in 2016 Guardian:protect (powered by AssetMonitor) was deployed, combining safety-driven messaging, virtual automatic identification system beacons and a web-based software program, at a fraction of the cost of even one anchor strike.

In this YouTube video from NYPA, you can see our AssetMonitor system being tested in Long Island Sound.

Here’s what Bob Schwabe, Director of Asset and Maintenance Management at NYPA, has to say about UltraMAP and our AssetMonitor technology:

Read more from the NYPA 2016 Year In Review here.

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