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New York Power Authority and UltraMAP

Director of Asset and Maintenance Management at New York Power Authority Bob Schwabe on why UltraMAP was chosen to protect their subsea power cabling.

New York Power Authority and UltraMAP

But first, a little background...

What is your business?
New York Power Authority. Present group also has responsibility for the Underground High Voltage transmission that NYPA owns in South East New York including the Y-49 submarine cable crossing the Long Island Sound between New Rochelle in Westchester and Hempstead on Long Island.

What is your position within the business?
Director of Asset and Maintenance Management and supporting Underground Transmission, Substation equipment maintenance and failure evaluation.

How did you hear about UltraMAP?
Inquiry through another transmission owner and their involvement with UltraMAP to protect their submarine cable (TransBay).

How long have you done business with UltraMAP?
One year.

What does UltraMAP do for you?
UltraMAP provides support services for their AssetMonitor vessel monitoring system.

In what part of the world?
New York, USA.

How and why did you choose UltraMAP?

“UltraMap responded to a request for a proposal for a vessel monitoring system that incorporated unique features to prevent anchoring strikes on the NYPA Y-49 submarine cable system. Based on the technical merit of their proposal, UltraMAP was awarded a five year contract to implement the protection system.

It included virtual beacons along the cable route and an automatic addressed safety message directly to a vessel that appeared to be anchoring within the cable area. Within approximately one year, we installed two systems to monitor and collect vessel information around the cable, developed protection zones and rule sets to alert NYPA of potential anchoring, and have the system in operation monitoring vessel traffic.

This also included documentation on system operation and setup, a technology workshop in the NYPA office that highlighted the system operation to internal and external guests, and ended with a presentation at the International Cable Protection Committee in April 2016 on the benefits and system operation.” Bob Schwabe, Director of Asset and Maintenance Management. New York Power Authority 

Thank you Bob.

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