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Monitoring and Protecting Subsea Cables with AssetMonitor

We work closely with our clients... looking after their subsea cables, so they can look after their clients’ services.

Monitoring and Protecting Subsea Cables with AssetMonitor

The bottom of the ocean is a very safe place for cables to lie – however, as our waters get busier, there are certain vulnerabilities which need to be considered. For example, in shallow waters, damage from vessels such as trawlers or dredgers is possible.

Keeping watch for our clients

UltraMAP, AssetMonitor and our array of satellite AIS receivers watch the oceans, above and beneath the surface, 24/7.

This degree of undersea monitoring gives our clients total peace of mind, and the fact that we’re a web-based service allows them to tune in at any time and check their cables for themselves.    

Monitoring and protecting is all about communication

We quietly watch vessels come and go around our identified protection zones - most vessels are harmless because they have no underwater bulk; but if a trawling vessel gets too close, we send our client a text and they can then chat directly to the Captain of the stray vessel.

Everyone using our seas, almost without exception, has the best interests of the ocean community at heart.

We have a great job, all in all.

Chatting to all parties, liaising with all sectors, monitoring all assets. 

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