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Letting our clients speak for us: Telstra

Our friend Howard Hoo from Telstra very kindly wrote a little testimonial for us.

Letting our clients speak for us: Telstra

We love it when clients write testimonials!
Because it’s always far more lovely when other people tell you nice things about us. 

We first met Howard at an International Cable Protection Conference in Iceland and we’ve been working together since 2013.

Here’s what Howard has to say about UltraMAP:

“We use UltraMAP to protect our cables around the Singapore Strait and off the coast of Hong Kong. They deliver a very good service which, let’s face it, is exactly what you want from any supplier. Martin understands and accommodates our needs, keeping it simple, and delivers accordingly. I enjoy Des’ enthusiasm for sharing new cable protection ideas and I appreciate his quick response when it comes to support in technical and operational issues.” Howard Hoo. Senior Engineer. Marine Operations Services | Network Services. Telstra.


When it comes to the protection of undersea communication cables, some very big companies use UltraMAP and AssetMonitor, not just because we're the best method of protection, but also because we look after you in a very personable and approachable way. 

Your cables and assets may be thousands of miles away, across the world and beneath the surface of the ocean; but our service to you is always instantly accessible, online, 24/7. And we’re at the end of a phone whenever you need us.  

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