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Boat floating in front of a marina

It’s Coming Home (Sea Safety, That Is).

I visited Berlin recently. Germany’s capital is a beautiful place. I was also rather impressed by its historical connection to sea safety. Some even go so far as to say that Berlin is the home of safer seafaring.

It’s Coming Home (Sea Safety, That Is).

At the second International Radiotelegraphic Convention in Berlin in 1906, the SOS emergency signal was agreed upon as the standard signal for Morse code. The sequence of three dits, followed by three dahs, followed by three dits remained the maritime distress signal for 93 years, right through until 1999.

What a neat link to UltraMAP, visiting 112 years later as the sole exhibition sponsor of the Advanced Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum.

The forum was great. More people attend each year and their backgrounds are so very diverse.

Being Part of an Expert Panel. A Privilege.

I was lucky enough to be part of the expert panel in the power cable monitoring discussion with Tennet, Enemalta and Omnisens.

Some of the questions that I and the rest of the panel were asked were tricky. Stretching and deliberately thought-provoking but fun too. We were asked about AIS coverage around the world, the legalities associated with use of AIS and thoughts about monitoring the entire cable length. One question that was asked from the floor started with "I know that this is provocative but…". They asked about the need for monitoring vessel activity if cables were buried. Of course, the risk is less, but the sea-bed is ever changing and vulnerabilities still exist. New York Power is one of our long standing customers and they came to us as a consequence of an anchor strike on a deep-buried cable.

Timing is Everything

Our experience of Berlin was superb. The trip fell slap bang in the middle of the World ​C​up’s 63 beautiful games. One of which, whilst we were there, happened to be Germany’s last.

The crowds gathered around open air screens transitioned from noisy and optimistic to very, very quiet within seconds of the referee signalling full time. And so it was that Germany didn't get the chance to knock England out this year, a privilege saved for runners up Croatia on this occasion.

Ah well. The hot weather and free ice cream made up for it. Almost.

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