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Indosat - keeping Indonesia connected

Indosat Ooredoo is one of the most vibrant and forward thinking telecommunications service and network providers in Indonesia.

Indosat - keeping Indonesia connected

Indosat offers its customers exceptional communication services for mobile-phone users, fixed-voice services, multimedia, Internet and data communication services.

The company was established in 1967 as the first foreign investment company in Indonesia that provided international telecommunications services via international satellite. Indosat has grown since those early days and was rebranded as Indosat Ooredoo in 2013.

“UltraMAP met these lovely people after attending the International Cable Protection Conference in Hong Kong. We were introduced to Indosat by SingTel with whom they share some cable management responsibility. SingTel thought we could provide Indosat with a service to help them protect their cables in the seas around Indonesia.” Martin Connelly. UltraMAP

We now help to protect Indosat's Subsea cable interests all around Indonesia: in the Java Sea, Singapore Straits, Sunda Straits, Gaspar Straits, Batam, Makasar Strait, Bali Strait and Jakarta Beach. And in the year since that first introduction, we also got involved in helping Indosat investigate some historical events around their cables. 

The bespoke UltraMAP service

It's incredibly important to show clients that you understand their needs. After we were introduced, we created a tailored demonstration environment for Indosat within AssetMonitor that showed them how their cables looked and identified all of the vessels in the vicinity of their cables. All of these demonstrations were carried out interactively on-line and this attention to bespoke detail won us the work. We hope to work together for many years to come! 

Our service for Indosat provides a 24/7 monitoring service with 24/7 support using AIS data from both shore-based and satellite-based receivers.   


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