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ICPC. After The Event

Both UltraMAP and Seagard exhibited at the International Cable Protection Committee Conference in San Diego, California in May 2019.

ICPC. After The Event

145 delegates attended making this the largest Plenary in the PCPS’s history. 

The agenda was large too – and really thorough. The multiple perspectives on our diverse industry were truly inspiring.

David Alberg from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) spoke movingly about the protection of culturally significant sub-sea wreckage sites.

Carlos Orozco of Energia Integral Andina S.A. spoke on the protection of coral reefs up to 3,600m beneath the sea – and how such environments can coexist and thrive alongside cable sites.

LeRoy Lambert of Charles Taylor P&I Management (Americas) Inc. explored liability issues between cable owners and vessel owners.

Jenna Rennie of White and Case LLP spoke on issues relating to Contractual Risk – reviewing, advising and offering practical tips to reducing delays relating to complex legislation.

There was much more.

Both Broad And Narrow.

UltraMAP and Seagard are narrowly focussed businesses.

Together – they are obsessively concentrated on just one thing – the protection of subsea assets.

Yet the breadth of knowledge that is required in order to deliver so effectively and so consistently is substantial.

The International Cable Protection Committee Conference was exceptional. And a reminder that, working together, whilst we cannot change the world – we can most definitely create positive impact our world.

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