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Hibernia Networks and UltraMAP

Whenever we can, we let our clients speak on our behalf.

Hibernia Networks and UltraMAP

Alasdair Wilkie is Director of Marine and Projects at Hibernia Networks, so he knows the Marine Cable sector inside out.

As former Chairman of the UK Cable Protection Committee (UKCPC) and current member of the European Subsea Cables Association (ESCA) Executive Committee, Alasdair’s opinion of UltraMAP and AssetMonitor is incredibly valuable and incredibly welcome:

“Since 2012, Hibernia Networks has been using AssetMonitor from UltraMAP to protect and raise awareness of our subsea cables in the Irish Sea. They were exceptional right from the outset and the natural progression was to expand how we used AssetMonitor to also protect our cables on their journey across the Atlantic, to their landings in the USA.

I’ve always been a huge supporter of AssetMonitor – not least because of the fabulous service we receive from Martin and Andrew. AssetMonitor watches Hibernia’s subsea assets and alerts us if there are any potential issues.

I’d easily promote UltraMAP and AssetMonitor to other businesses because they do exactly what they say they do – and more.

I’ve always had associations with the North East as I went to University in Newcastle... the region is a fabulous contributor to international business – and UltraMAP’s a significant part of that.” Alasdair Wilkie Director of Marine and Projects. Hibernia Networks (May 2016)

Thanks Alasdair!

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