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Get protected and avoid costly subsea cable repair costs

Prevention is better than cure. This is especially true when it comes to protecting expensive subsea communication cables.

Get protected and avoid costly subsea cable repair costs

With costs in the region of several million of pounds, providing reliable internet and telecommunications connection around the world is an expensive business. 

Initial subsea cable installation is costly. Therefore protecting that investment against vessel damage from dropped anchors, fishing trawlers cutting or damaging cables and even earthquakes makes perfect sense.

The video below from SEACOM briefly shows how a subsea cable is repaired when damaged. But as the old saying goes, prevention is definitely better than cure.  

Over the years, UltraMAP has created a piece of technology which can help to prevent subsea cable damage. AssetMonitor is a 24/7 web based service that monitors the surrounding areas of your subsea cables. 

Raising an alert whenever a vessel is close, this provides a chance to prevent cable damage from happening. 

AssetMonitor is a piece of technology which can be easily fitted around your needs. For more information, get in touch with UltraMAP

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