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Boat floating in front of a marina

From Watery Depths - To Watery Heights

Commercial Director Martin Connelly and his UltraMAP team spend every second peering beneath the waves into the increasingly complex and important world of subsea cabling and pipes.

From Watery Depths - To Watery Heights

So much of everything relies on the continuation of supply that this subsea critical infrastructure enables. Martin and UltraMAP's absolute focus – is protection.

Martin commented:

"UltraMAP offer Telecommunications, Energy, Renewable Energy and Oil and Gas markets new levels of certainty with the protection of subsea cabling. It’s an obsession. Every hour – we're in it!"

So what does Martin do to escape this intense, watery world in his albeit limited downtime?

He’s a Swimming Club Chairman of course.

Success Here. Success There.

UltraMAP has quadrupled its turnover over the last four years.

But there are recent successes at Martin’s Swimming Club, Gateshead & Whickham ASC, too. This time at the 2018 Summer National Championships.

There were many great swims from Martin’s swimmers.

10 finalists and a 3 medallists, the stand-out achievement perhaps being when one young Gateshead and Whickham ASC member broke the 60 second barrier for 100m Backstroke to become the 14 year old national champion.

Making a splash at work is one thing, but in your spare time too? That’s just greedy!

You can take a peek here at the full report for the 2018 Summer National Championships.

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