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Fact or Myth: Do sharks really bite through subsea cables?

Our thoughts on whether sharks do bite and damage submarine internet cables. The captain of a cable ship also reveals all.

Fact or Myth: Do sharks really bite through subsea cables?

A few weeks back we read the article ‘Do sharks like biting on submarine internet cables? The captain of a cable ship reveals all’ from Quartz. Despite the deceptive title, the article proved to be a very interesting read, providing an insight into the daily routine of a cable ship captain.

During the interview with Guillaume Le Saux, Captain of the Pierre de Fermat, when asked whether it was true that sharks attack submarine cables he claimed that 'It’s true, but it’s very rare.' 

The big question.

So are sharks a problem for subsea cable owners? This brings us back to a blog article we wrote last month, 'The myth about sharks biting subsea cables.' In our opinion, shark bites happen very infrequently, meaning it is not something we need to worry about. 

Further on in the interview Capt Le Saux mentions the intensity of his work. When there has been damage to subsea cables, they only have '24-hour notice to leave the base-port to repair a cable.' This is where UltraMAP can help.

With the technology of AssetMonitor, UltraMAP can help to prevent damage to subsea cables as well as reduce the intensity of Capt Le Saux’s workload for years to come.

There's another interesting read on sharks and their intimate relationship with cables at the Submarine Telecoms Forum here.

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