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Don’t Worry. Not all communications touch subsea cabling…

…just 99% of them.

Don’t Worry. Not all communications touch subsea cabling…

Here at UltraMAP and our associated businesses and brands, we are quietly going about our business as the revolution goes on around us.

We are rocking back in our chairs, watching our screens, upgrading our systems and software, happy to be a part of it. We're happy to help. Happy to be part of something really special. Connectivity is booming!

But we are not the headline grabbers. The gamers and the entertainers are the headline grabbers. Live entertainment and gameplay are pushing information exchange to the limits.

UltraMAP? We don’t play. We watch.

The Watchers

Cloud services, video streaming and gaming are changing everything. It's all good of course. Being better connected saves everything from time – to lives.

And it's people like us that watch on as the infrastructure is repaired, refurbished and replaced. We watch on because, no matter what state the subsea cables are in, it's our job to protect them.

And we do.

The Boom

There is a boom in subsea cabling as we approach 2020. The last big infrastructural improvements were about 20 years ago. And as our needs as people have advanced, so too have the demands on the old network. So we're improving them again.

This time there will be greater connectivity, capacity and security. There's more security because there are more redundant routes with new schemes. If one route breaks, another one can (sometimes) help out. But when that doesn't happen, that's when we come in.

HISTORY PART 1: We Lead - You Follow

Years ago, better connectivity showed human beings what could be achieved. That's why we now send almost 8 trillion text messages a year. And even though the number of text messages each year is reducing, the demand for connectivity isn't. Savvy chatters are simply replacing texting with WhatsApp and the like.

HISTORY PART 2: You Lead - We Follow

And these days, in history part 2, human beings are showing those looking after the connectivity what's required. Human beings are not just sending texts. They want to send graphics, photos, video and live video. They want to listen to music, watch films, play games and more. Real time content is stepping up demand again.

We showed users what they could do. Now their imagination, and the imagination of developers, are showing us what's required to sustain it.

Evolution of demand

All of this is entirely understandable. And pretty wonderful, too. We're happy at UltraMAP.

Pretty soon we are all going to be connected all the time, everywhere. We will have perfect, always-on linkups within medicine, engineering, research, news and entertainment.

So there'll be more for us to watch.

So as we said in the headline, don't worry. We see the future of connectivity and we see how important it is.

And we'll continue to do everything we can to keep things moving.

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